About the Blog

My posts are sorted by categories, each of which will give a different kind of insight into what goes on both in my life and in the wider life in Korea. Below is a description of what kind of posts you can find in each of the categories. Most posts are intended to be humorous and light-hearted or at least a tad satiric.

Culture Shot: These posts are all based around aspects of the culture here in Korea that have boggled my mind, or have pleasantly surprised me, or some combination of both.

Food Glorious Food: Surprisingly, posts found under this category are about the food I eat and where I eat it. However, not being a food blogger I may not update this that often.

Friday Feeling: Every Friday I post a music video to sum up the week, usually with an accompanying story to explain the choice.

Living in Korea: Generally, this category is for the more personal experiences I write about.

Scene Unseen: My favorite category of the bunch as these posts show off the side to Korea that we from the West rarely see, or even think about. Usually tourist snaps and funny stories of my experiences in each location.

Scenes from the Schoolroom: One of my lesser-used categories at the minute, but inside are the stories of the goings-on inside the classroom.

**NEW** So You Want to Come to Korea: A series of blog posts about how to get to Korea as a native English teacher. There are many other posts about this elsewhere on the web but perhaps my two cents will help someone!

In the words of Porky Pig, “T-t-t-that’s all folks!”


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