An Island Adventure!

We needn't have brought a camp stove, we could have cooked on my feet!!

We needn’t have brought a camp stove, we could have cooked on my feet!!

For Jesus’ birthday we all get gifts and eat altogether too much food. Similarly, last weekend for Buddha’s birthday J and I did a considerable amount of eating. We also got the gifts of wonderful memories, new experiences, and horrific sunburn.

We began our adventure like all the greats: at mental o’clock on Saturday morning. It seems that this crazy hour is the time for all of the activity as we buzzed about throwing our supplies into the bags and then banging out the door, laden with everything one might want on a camping trip. Bar my sleeping bag which remained on top of my wardrobe. An unfortunate oversight on my part, but I’ll blame the early hour for this one.

So we bungled ourselves onto the subway (line 1 to Hadan), and grabbed a bus to the famous Geoje Island. In typical fashion, both Jamie and myself had looked at different sets of directions as to how to find the right place to catch our last bus to the beach. This resulted in a panicked leap from the bus in Okpo and an over-long sojourn at a forlorn bus stop waiting for a bus that would never come. Needless to say we looked like something Keats could dream up, alone and palely loitering.

Eventually, having given up all hope, we descended the hill into the town proper and searched the internet for the correct set of directions. It’s a shame there isn’t some kind of internet connection available on you mobile phone when WiFi is not available, that would be very handy. So, we finally managed to find our bus stop (after climbing a hill that felt like some kind of paved Everest if I’m honest, but that may have been the tiredness) and make it to Gojura Beach.

Emmet on the Beach

Worth it!

Once the tent was pitched at the beach, the rest of the weekend passed in a blur of frisbee, supersoakers, campfires, smores, and of course mandarin soju.

Robinson Carusoe Campfire

We also rented a sea-kayak on Sunday morning in order to get a better view of the bay. It may have been this rather sunny excursion that resulted in the severe sunburn, as we two fools forgot to apply any kind of sun protection to our legs and feet. Silly boys.

All in all, the adventure may not have been so adventurous, but it sure is nice to leave the city behind for a day or two!

Getting to Geoje from Busan: Take the Subway Line 1 to stop 102 Hadan. At exit number 3, cross one lane of traffic to the bus station. Take bus number 2000 to the SECOND Okpo (옥포) stop, you’ll know it’s the second because you’ll go down a steep hill and then back up another hill, get off on the latter. Then you walk up the hill for about 2-5 minutes, cross at the intersection (not to the Hi-Mart, but to the embankment) and turn left. You will see a bus stop for almost every bus in Okpo. From here, catch the 22 or 23 bus and ride until the last stop.


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