The Quiet on This Eastern Front

Well well well, it seems I’ve finally gotten back to this blog after two months of seemingly having forgotten its existence. However, I promise I have a good reason, in fact I have many good reasons. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Firstly, I’ve begun applying for university courses… well preparing my applications for university courses as I won’t be starting until at least September 2016. This process has involved quite a lot of back and forth with good universities, great web resources, and even better friends.

Now, I know that this excuse isn’t great because I was basically already at my computer and a blog post is barely three clicks away, but on top of all of this, I was also packing up to leave the “Love House“. The stress of packing was much greater than I anticipated as it’s hard to pack what you might use into boxes to be undisturbed for a month or more. Added to this the fact that I had to come to terms with leaving my school, which felt more like home than work, was difficult. Even if I had made the decision months beforehand.

Finally, J and I went to Hong Kong as a birthday celebration, as you may have seen on my Instagram in the sidebar. I truly promise to steal Jamie’s pictures and post them here for your enjoyment once he has finished uploading them, I know you are dying to see what typical tourists do in HK. I’ll just say that it involved a whole lot of Disneyland, Dim Sum, and dothering about worrying which subway to catch!

PS Yes, the cover image isn’t of great quality and no it’s not just a bad filter, the pollution is just that bad in the city at 4PM!


One thought on “The Quiet on This Eastern Front

  1. I can certainly relate – there was a month since near the end of March, up to around last week, where I didn’t write anything for my own blog – and for a bit before that, it was only unofficial reports on Lit & Deb events, which I can’t really write up on for now on, as I’m an OCM on their committee now…and hence, anything I would have said about the society, or it’s events, would be taken to represent the entire committee, which would be problematic.

    I guess it was when the University work really started to pile on at the end of the 2nd Semester, but for me, it was more than that – it was also near the end of my 1st year in Galway, and I was feeling both a bit fatigue, and a bit sad that it didn’t last a bit longer.

    Still, that been said, you have a much better excuse than me for your absence – hope everything is working out fine for you there! 🙂


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