Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

This week has gone by in quite a blur if I’m honest, probably because I had Tuesday off work in fairness. I still love that it’s Friday, finally the weekend! If only I had an actual Crunchie to give me that true Friday feeling. Instead I’ll content myself with the …dulcet… tones of Rebecca Black. Just 6 more classes until the weekend!


Friday Feeling: Good Things for Those Who Wait… However Impatiently

Last month I was very happy to hear from Mother Dearest that she had sent a care package, unfortunately I was less happy when, after 3 and a half weeks I was still waiting upon it… It seems I have considerably less patience than I previously thought. Perhaps my patience is all spent trying to convey the idea that the letter i does not make the long e sound all the time. Today, though after all my waiting, and an awkward almost phonecall to the post office to find out where my DVDs were!


An Post you beautiful son of a gun!

Hooooray! Mammy you beauty! The package was hiding a very unexpected gift “because they fit in the parcel”: a pair of trousers. No longer will I be Emmet-teacher with only 3 pairs of pants. So my good fortune came around just as I was tiring of waiting for it!


Perhaps the 80 tea bags caught some customs officer’s eye…Joke’s on you, sucker, it’s not opium!

All in all, I feel great this evening, and I think I now finally understand what the great philosopher Mel B meant when she said she wanted to “zig-a-zig-a”!

Friday Feeling: Under the Spotlight

Friday is here at last! I’ve been waiting for this since Monday. This week has been a barrage of checking writing homework for 8 of my classes, this means checking 48 essays for grammar, unity, topic sentences and more. Needless to say I can’t wait to relax this weekend.

The thing about checking so many notebooks, followed by classes, and getting too little sleep at night, is that it takes a toll on your appearance. I must admit that this week I did look a bit rough one or two (or three or four) days, and I was aware that I looked tired and was getting spots like a middle-school student. However, one thing I did not have enough wherewithal to remember was that people would comment on my less-than-dazzling appearance.

Korea is famous for it’s high standards of beauty, and as a Westerner I am not exempt from these standards. As such it was remarked by students and others that I looked tired and had spots this week. How did I forget this would happen? Or perhaps, as I’m sure many of you are asking, why is it ok to notify some of a spot on their own face? They’re probably pretty aware it’s there anyway! Sometimes, the cultural difference baffle and astound me.

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Friday Feeling: Time Warped

Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Perhaps it’s the brisk autumn air, or maybe the browns and oranges of the trees, but in reality it’s probably the abundance of the chocolate and other treats. I have been know to have a very sweet tooth!

But wait, how is it Halloween? It’s only June right? Nope it’s October, just check out the calendar.

I am genuinely convinced I’ve fallen into a time warp and been sucked forward in time. It does not feel like I’ve been in Korea for 6 and a half months already! How did that happen to fly by?

Bizarre as it is, I’m very excited for school today because not only have we decorated for the occasion but I also get to wear a rockin’ tiger onesie to work. What a time to be alive!!

Have a safe one folks!

Friday Feeling: Go and Jump!

What a week it’s been in Hadan-Dong, folks!

Between the rain of Tuesday afternoon and my new endeavor- resuming Muay Thai training, in a Korean gym, I’ve taken a few blows this week.

The major hit I took this week came at training. Try as I may at Muay Thai both last night and Tuesday night, I could not get the hang of of skipping. I’m blaming my lazy left foot, my slender wrists and my inexperience with a skipping rope.

The last of the three may be the real culprit here, as I can count on a single hand the number of times I’ve picked up a skipping rope in my lifetime. It is, it seems, one of those things I tried once and decided I would never be great at and so gave up as a bad job (similar to my fleeting obsession with Gaelic earlier this year). After training echoes of the word “Jump rope” followed by snickers filled my dreams with images of retorting an old favorite of mine “Oh go and jump yourself!!”

Now, I know I lured you to Friday Feeling posts with the promise of music, but this week there is nothing to encapsulate my feeling after my second Muay Thai session last night other than the following:

Only, there’s a word missing in the clip, “rope”. “White men can’t jump rope”. Or at least, this white man can’t!

Alas, the rope may have triumphed today, but I’m not giving up, my ego (and some of my toes) may be bruised, but I’ve thrown my hat, and $110, into the ring so I’m not backing out just yet!

Friday Feeling: TGIF

Well thank goodness it’s finally Friday! This week has been the longest in a while. Literally. We’ve had two 4 day weeks in a row the last two weeks. Firstly is was Independence day and then last week it was a celebration of the invention of the Korean writing system Hangul.

Therefore, today I am happy (feliz) and thoroughly enjoying this cheesy Spanish number!

Roll on the weekend!!

So readers, what have you planned for the weekend?

Friday Feeling: Matchbox Living

Welcome readers to a new kind of post here: Friday Feeling. Every Friday I’ll post a video that encapsulates the mood of the day/week, accompanied by a short explanation of the choice. Hope you enjoy.

Today, I’m once again feeling ever so slightly sleepy thanks to my very considerate neighbors and their yappy puppy. The latter of which is locked into their boiler room in the evening, a pity it isn’t the former. Added to the yapping last night, was the argument of my maritally challenged neighbors on the same floor who have a weekly row when hubby stumbles home too full of soju and doesn’t remember the door code.

In the end though, I did get to sleep and slept well as my late working hours allow me time to sleep in. Just one more day before the movie marathon I have planned.

Here’s to the weekend folks!