Have You Seen My Baseball?

Baseball season may be over for the year, but as usual I was a late-comer to the game and only caught the last match of the season. However, the Major League Baseball is a big, BIG deal here. Both for natives and expats alike.

I guess I shouldn’t find this surprising given the huge American influence here and the penchant of other Asian nations for the National Pastime (albeit national in reference to the US).¬†Given that I had¬†previously gone to a baseball game in the States, GOOOOOO RAAAAYS, I thought I knew what I was in for. As with most things here in Korea though, I can honestly say I was not aware of quite what I was in for.


Stretch it out boys!

In fact, I may have been lured into going by the promises of fried chicken and some cool cool Pepsi (seeing as beer would have my insides upside-down, and probably my outsides down-side up) as my interest in 3 hours of rounders is negligible. Therefore, I had very little clue of what to expect.

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