Yes Sir, I Can Boogie… I Mean English, I Can English!

A few months ago, right back at the start of this blog, way back on Blogger, I promised I would grab some snaps of the hilarious “English” on some products, notepads, and buildings around Busan. Now, I think it’s time to make good on this promise.

do you feel lovelyFirst up I’ve got this lovely notebook from my student Brian. Now I know the English isn’t actually bad on this one, but the misquote in order to avoid copyright laws just cracks me up every time I see this notebook. Some of you readers may have seen this months ago on my Instagram feed, but who doesn’t love a re-post? Sadly, little Brian has finished this one and no longer do I get to answer “Yes, I do feel lovely, PUNK” to his notebook… On second thoughts perhaps it’s better I don’t have questions to answer to notebooks, that’s just lunacy.

For a couple of weeks I snickered every time I looked at the front cover of a notebook as many of them have such bizarre writing on them. It can be anything, from misquoted Disney songs/characters/movies/anything really to random information about a color or a random place in the English-speaking world. I swear I once saw a notebook with a passage about Manchester City and it’s great mining history, missing however, was any mention of Maggie Thatcher.

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