Back to Reality

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything for this blog. Scratch that. I mean, since I’ve written anything full stop. I’m going to shirk responsibility for that onto the Christmas season and my vacation from school (a whopping 5 days doing as little as humanly possible). Please accept my humble apologies for this silence!

So readers, HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2015 is full of endless possibilities: bright lights, big cities, busty ladies. Although, I think I’d rather early nights, low lights, and a good book. What an exciting live I’ve come to lead.

Joking aside, this is basically what my vacation consisted of, and boy was I happy about it! Rather than bore you with a blow-by-blow account of my time off, instead I’ll just show you a gallery of pictures that capture what I did with myself for the time off.


Ok… It seems I only took two photographs on my time off, good thing I’m not a photo-blogger I guess! These pictures come from the first day of my vacation, when I walked from my house to the old downtown, Nampo-dong. It takes roughly 2 hours to cover the distance on foot, alternatively I could have taken the subway for a less scenic 17 minute journey.

That night was spent in utter recline with great friends, scoffing as much pizza, fried chicken, and (bizarrely) feta salad as we could, and of course, ringing in the new year.

The next few days were spent in a similar fashion: relaxing, hanging out, and eating. Then on Monday, school started back and the holiday season seemed to drift out of focus and into my memory. Back to the grindstone it is!

P.S. If you were hoping for part 3 of So You Want to Come to Korea, I will try to have it up by the end of this weekend!