Hike-Ho Hike-Ho

Once again the rain is coming down in Korea. Sadly, due to the cost of the warning messages I got all last year (see here for more), I did not have prior warning of this.  However, the weekend that was more than makes up for this positively Irish weather.

11214334_10205580114796503_3788995163751014237_nFriday saw us take a severely indulgent trip to the “Urban Camping Barbecue” in KyungSung (right next to Monk bar for those of you Busanites looking). This place serve everything the way you would if you were camping. That is if you were camping in a premium spot with easy access to water and refrigerated alcohol, of which we drank too much. Luckily we had Costco pizza and hotdogs to clear up any nasty hangover the following day.

The true highlight of the weekend though was certainly our 5 hour hike on Sunday. We met George and Ciera, an old friend we will miss as he’s headed home and a new friend we will miss just as much, at 10 and took the subway (line 1, orange) to Oncheongjang. From here we took the cable car up to the Geumjeong mountain (click here for Lonely Planet instructions).

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Friday Feeling: Under the Spotlight

Friday is here at last! I’ve been waiting for this since Monday. This week has been a barrage of checking writing homework for 8 of my classes, this means checking 48 essays for grammar, unity, topic sentences and more. Needless to say I can’t wait to relax this weekend.

The thing about checking so many notebooks, followed by classes, and getting too little sleep at night, is that it takes a toll on your appearance. I must admit that this week I did look a bit rough one or two (or three or four) days, and I was aware that I looked tired and was getting spots like a middle-school student. However, one thing I did not have enough wherewithal to remember was that people would comment on my less-than-dazzling appearance.

Korea is famous for it’s high standards of beauty, and as a Westerner I am not exempt from these standards. As such it was remarked by students and others that I looked tired and had spots this week. How did I forget this would happen? Or perhaps, as I’m sure many of you are asking, why is it ok to notify some of a spot on their own face? They’re probably pretty aware it’s there anyway! Sometimes, the cultural difference baffle and astound me.

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The Weekend on Wednesday

Halfway there folks, it’s finally Wednesday! Although, that said, it’s also already Wednesday and it’s taken me until now to get myself in gear to post the pictures from last weekend’s adventure.

Having had a lazy Saturday going to the “pictures”, as they say in dear old Ireland, to see Gone Girl, we decided to use Sunday to visit the Children’s park for the first time, as we mistook the Citizen’s park for it last time (here’s the scoop on that).

Front Gate

“Reports show Rubik’s Cubes, Hello Kitty, Pooh Bear and Disney are among the best-selling toys. Which should we use in the statue ma’am?” “Yes!”

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Scene Unseen: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Thailand!

First off, apologies for the somewhat prolonged silence on my blog, I’ve been having too much fun (and not enough sleep) to keep up lately, but I promise I will try harder in future. I know how much the world needs one more travel blog!

What I have been doing with my time is exploring more of Korea than I thought existed, and so I’ll enlighten you by sharing my experience of the Korea we don’t usually get to see.

Come on get to the point Emmet, I ain’t got all day! Ok, ok, reader here it is: Bijindo Island Korea:


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You Better Selfie, or You Could Be Left on the Shelfie

So you think you can selfie well enough to attract a member of the opposite sex?

Well I can honestly tell you that your skills will pale in comparison to the true talent of Korean selfie-takers up and down this fair nation! This is due to the fact that selfies have become, perhaps, the largest way to flirt here and the absence of Snapchat from the Korean social network. This means a selfie isn’t just for seconds, it’s forever.

Not to worry though, once again, I am here to be your advocate and teach you what I have learned about the art of the selfie. With particular focus on making yourself look desireable to members of the opposite gender.

I hasten to add that these tips are given in earnest, as if I get one more Snapchat of a poorly composed selfie, I shall scream…

So now, let me take a selfie.

Temple selfie
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