Friday Feeling: Matchbox Living

Welcome readers to a new kind of post here: Friday Feeling. Every Friday I’ll post a video that encapsulates the mood of the day/week, accompanied by a short explanation of the choice. Hope you enjoy.

Today, I’m once again feeling ever so slightly sleepy thanks to my very considerate neighbors and their yappy puppy. The latter of which is locked into their boiler room in the evening, a pity it isn’t the former. Added to the yapping last night, was the argument of my maritally challenged neighbors on the same floor who have a weekly row when hubby stumbles home too full of soju and doesn’t remember the door code.

In the end though, I did get to sleep and slept well as my late working hours allow me time to sleep in. Just one more day before the movie marathon I have planned.

Here’s to the weekend folks!


The Grand Tour

In my haste to post last time it seems I forgot to include any explanation as to why I have decided to call my “studio” (pronounced “bedsit”) ‘The Love House’. It is not, as some might assume, that I intend to make this a love shack, baby, love shack but rather it is in reference to the roller-blind over my window.

This somewhat inexplicable addition to the studio was instantly my favourite part of the whole place as it adds the touch of oddity toward which I am quite partial.

The text under “Beautiful Life”┬áreads:
“There’s always someone
Who’s got it worse than you
My life is so cool

From a different point of view”

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