How to Manage Your Money As A Nomad

As an aspiring traveller (albeit in a year’s time) this was an eye-opening read. I will definitely have to take this into account come this time next year as I begin preparations to jet off!

The Nomadic Lifestyle

Travel And Spending

We’ve been asked time and time again how we manage our finances while we’re on the go and in so many different places. We were recently approached by Xapo, a bitcoin company, on the topic and thought it was the perfect catalyst to go a little more in depth on the subject of how we work out our money.

I wrote a post a few months ago about How to Drop Everything and Start Traveling The Globe. In that post I highlighted a few services and tricks that you can use to make your money go further. I’ll touch on a few of those here, but add a little bit more now that we’ve learned along the way.

Managing finances on the go boils down to two things. Now, these two points are true for managing money anywhere, but when you’re on the go there are a few extra…

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