Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

This week has gone by in quite a blur if I’m honest, probably because I had Tuesday off work in fairness. I still love that it’s Friday, finally the weekend! If only I had an actual Crunchie to give me that true Friday feeling. Instead I’ll content myself with the …dulcet… tones of Rebecca Black. Just 6 more classes until the weekend!


4 thoughts on “Thank Crunchie it’s Friday

  1. I’m sorry, I would share this, but seriously, THAT song? Honestly, anything but “Friday, Friday”…..Aaagh! I wouldn’t inflict that on my worst enemy!

    Otherwise, keep up the good blog. I’ve posted quite a bit of material on mine, although I’m sometimes not sure just how good the content is, though….


      • Thanks – I suppose I probably would help in keeping up with what’s going on with the politics here. At least, assuming that anyone reads them!

        I usually put most work into them, but my most popular pieces are either once-offs about life on Campus, or else a captive audience of sorts from the Debating Society Reports. As well as that one piece about my old school that ended up getting widespread attention back home.

        I can understand why – still, it kinda bugs me, that I’d put most of my effort into the blog into the political articles, and yet I probably could have at least two-third of the hits I’ve got without them.


  2. Also, about “Friday” – yeah, I certainly think that a lot of the criticism was pretty insensitive, and it did apparently upset Rebecca Black at the time. It’s still not a good song, but I think that it may have been demonised a bit much. Then again, I know nothing about music! 😀


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