Friday Feeling: Good Things for Those Who Wait… However Impatiently

Last month I was very happy to hear from Mother Dearest that she had sent a care package, unfortunately I was less happy when, after 3 and a half weeks I was still waiting upon it… It seems I have considerably less patience than I previously thought. Perhaps my patience is all spent trying to convey the idea that the letter i does not make the long e sound all the time. Today, though after all my waiting, and an awkward almost phonecall to the post office to find out where my DVDs were!


An Post you beautiful son of a gun!

Hooooray! Mammy you beauty! The package was hiding a very unexpected gift “because they fit in the parcel”: a pair of trousers. No longer will I be Emmet-teacher with only 3 pairs of pants. So my good fortune came around just as I was tiring of waiting for it!


Perhaps the 80 tea bags caught some customs officer’s eye…Joke’s on you, sucker, it’s not opium!

All in all, I feel great this evening, and I think I now finally understand what the great philosopher Mel B meant when she said she wanted to “zig-a-zig-a”!


What do you think?

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