Friday Feeling: Under the Spotlight

Friday is here at last! I’ve been waiting for this since Monday. This week has been a barrage of checking writing homework for 8 of my classes, this means checking 48 essays for grammar, unity, topic sentences and more. Needless to say I can’t wait to relax this weekend.

The thing about checking so many notebooks, followed by classes, and getting too little sleep at night, is that it takes a toll on your appearance. I must admit that this week I did look a bit rough one or two (or three or four) days, and I was aware that I looked tired and was getting spots like a middle-school student. However, one thing I did not have enough wherewithal to remember was that people would comment on my less-than-dazzling appearance.

Korea is famous for it’s high standards of beauty, and as a Westerner I am not exempt from these standards. As such it was remarked by students and others that I looked tired and had spots this week. How did I forget this would happen? Or perhaps, as I’m sure many of you are asking, why is it ok to notify some of a spot on their own face? They’re probably pretty aware it’s there anyway! Sometimes, the cultural difference baffle and astound me.

I believe that the Korean reasoning is that they aren’t throwing shade, rather they are shining a spotlight on the areas you should improve upon to make yourself better. Gee, thanks guys. The worst offender in my school is a little girl in third grade, who has no qualms about commenting on my fashion choices, hairstyle, or in this case the condition of my skin. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will remember her as “Korean Regina George”, the girl who feels the need to inform me that my face is “very ugly” and my shoes are “so bad”. My answer to this is usually along the lines of “Thanks kid” accompanied by a raised eyebrow.

Most of the time these comments are like water off the duck’s back, I smile and move on. This week though, I can do without living under so harsh a spotlight. Alas, I’m not going to complain any further, instead I’m going to have a cheerful Friday, looking forward to going to Costco and the Anime Convention this weekend!

Have you anything to look forward to this weekend readers?


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