Friday Feeling: Time Warped

Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Perhaps it’s the brisk autumn air, or maybe the browns and oranges of the trees, but in reality it’s probably the abundance of the chocolate and other treats. I have been know to have a very sweet tooth!

But wait, how is it Halloween? It’s only June right? Nope it’s October, just check out the calendar.

I am genuinely convinced I’ve fallen into a time warp and been sucked forward in time. It does not feel like I’ve been in Korea for 6 and a half months already! How did that happen to fly by?

Bizarre as it is, I’m very excited for school today because not only have we decorated for the occasion but I also get to wear a rockin’ tiger onesie to work. What a time to be alive!!

Have a safe one folks!


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