Friday Feeling: Go and Jump!

What a week it’s been in Hadan-Dong, folks!

Between the rain of Tuesday afternoon and my new endeavor- resuming Muay Thai training, in a Korean gym, I’ve taken a few blows this week.

The major hit I took this week came at training. Try as I may at Muay Thai both last night and Tuesday night, I could not get the hang of of skipping. I’m blaming my lazy left foot, my slender wrists and my inexperience with a skipping rope.

The last of the three may be the real culprit here, as I can count on a single hand the number of times I’ve picked up a skipping rope in my lifetime. It is, it seems, one of those things I tried once and decided I would never be great at and so gave up as a bad job (similar to my fleeting obsession with Gaelic earlier this year). After training echoes of the word “Jump rope” followed by snickers filled my dreams with images of retorting an old favorite of mine “Oh go and jump yourself!!”

Now, I know I lured you to Friday Feeling posts with the promise of music, but this week there is nothing to encapsulate my feeling after my second Muay Thai session last night other than the following:

Only, there’s a word missing in the clip, “rope”. “White men can’t jump rope”. Or at least, this white man can’t!

Alas, the rope may have triumphed today, but I’m not giving up, my ego (and some of my toes) may be bruised, but I’ve thrown my hat, and $110, into the ring so I’m not backing out just yet!


What do you think?

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