Working for the Weekend

As a teacher working Monday to Friday, I am now one of the masses who works only to fund my exploits at the weekend, which seems to come around so rapidly but I still cannot believe Friday is here again already because this week has flown by. Most of all because I had to get to the hospital yesterday afternoon because Stephen Spielberg wanted to make a move about my guts, which had me dreading Thursday. However, all was well and I made it through. The resulting movie was a bit shitty though, I slept the whole way through!

But now back to the matter at hand: the weekend.

I know it’s almost this weekend but I realized that I still haven’t told you about last weekend, and so before I gush about heading to Seoul tomorrow, I shall tell you about last weekend. That’s what we in the blogging business call chronological order of descriptive writing (no, we don’t this is some nonsense I teach my writing classes in school).

Once again I was wrecked after the week of work and was disinclined to spend my free days rushing here, there and everywhere, so J and I opted for a lazy Saturday exploring still more of Busan. First though we went to one of my new favorite places for lunch: Table Talk, where you can get panini with REAL cheese and PROPER panini bread, a rarity here in Korea. I have no pictures of the food here though, probably because I’m too busy wolfing into it to take time out to take a photograph.

Our bellies bulging, and a slice of carrot cake in a to-go package, we made our plans for Saturday’s adventure. This time we had the goal of visiting the Busan Children’s Park in the Seomyeon area, as usual though, when we exited the subway we found that it was hot, in Summer-time, who’d have thunk? So, in the heat we found our destination on the tourist map and headed off in the direction of the Children’s Park.

We soon found though, that the Children’s Park is, in fact, 3KM from the Seomyeon subway, and being the optimists we are we thought we might walk it. Fat chance!


If only we had found these before getting to the park, then we could have ridden there in style!

Instead we found the Busan Citizen’s Park, which to our sweaty brains was close enough to satisfy our adventuring spirits. This park used to be a military base for the Japanese and then the Americans but was recently turned over to the Busan city government who turned it into a park. However, there are many remnants of the park’s history such as the empty Quonset huts, the half-barrel shaped buildings of a military barracks, which have been converted into a children’s library, a cafe, a convenience store among other things.


The park is massive, especially for one located in what is prime downtown real estate, it took us the guts of an hour to walk around halfway before stopping for some iced lattes and that slice of delicious, moist carrot cake I mentioned earlier.

Our previously zapped energy now bolstered, we completed our tour of the park. There were some parts still under construction, which is understandable as it is only open since May 1st. However, there are some wonderful attractions for families, such as a large rubber hill for kids to jump on (it took all my self-control not to make a break to join in while J wasn’t looking), several playgrounds, an area that looks like it’s missing some Teletubbies (as seen in the cover pic), and an area filled with water fountains where the whole family can splash around and have water fights. Had we been better prepared this would have passed an hour or two, alas it was not to be, so we headed back home for some Audrey and Community.

The rest of the weekend was similarly laid back with nothing further to write home about. Although it is nice to have time to slowly let of steam after the working week I am also looking forward to this weekend’s sortie to Seoul as it will be my first time to visit the city without just passing through to catch a flight.

I’m sure I shall, eventually, let you know we get on in the capital, so until next time readers, so long!


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