Culture Shot: (Love) Hotel…(Love) Motel… Holiday Inn

I can’t bring myself to type “(Love) Holiday Inn” in the title, mostly because the title is already pretty long but also because I haven’t the foggiest idea what a Holiday Inn actually is.

Now, back to the topic at hand: Korean love hotels/motels.

Motel crop

Love truly is the beauty of the soul…. These motels are deep as well as practical!

This may not be me but it is some innocent that I nicked from Blogspot

I remember when I first heard about these scandalous houses of licentious behavior which had begun to spring up in “Japan and the rest of Asia”. I was about 15 and thought it rather vile to be able to rent a room just for sex. I thought it cheapened the act of love-making. God bless my departed innocence.

Now that I’m here though, I have begun so see why establishments that allow a couple to meet up and “get it on” as the young people say.

Firstly Korea has a heavy emphasis on monogamous relationships in which couples live almost the same lives, and yet have very few opportunities to gain any knowledge of the carnal variety about one another.

This is because of the fact that most Koreans live with their parents until they get married. Korea being a very conservative country and whatnot. Now who says one needs religion to stay on the path of morality?

…Or at least in the proximity of the path of morality, maybe in the ruts at the edge, but closer than many Western countries could claim at least.

However, I digress. Now, back home living with one’s parents doesn’t inhibit intimacy the way it does here, as many people just go elsewhere, or anywhere, to get to know their partner better… Or so I’ve been told by some of the more morally reprehensible individuals I’ve met.

Koreans are a different kettle of fish. As I previously mentioned, they are still quite conservative, and so it is usual for both partners to need to shower both pre- and post-coitus. To do otherwise is to disrespect your partner.

Talk about time consuming, is it any wonder the birth rate is one child per household here?

It would also be disrespectful to do the nasty under your parents’ roof, so that rules out mid-afternoon “My parents are out” messages too. So where do you turn when you’re in serious danger of becoming the superhero whose power is to go to sleep in a bed but wake up in a tent every day of your life?

You guessed it: the love motel.

Missing from this shot is the word “Motels” right at the end there

These flashy places offer much in the way of comfort, such as: no ground-floor windows, tassels at the car park entrance to protect your identity, and of course hourly rates. Not to mention mirrored ceilings in almost every room!

Therefore, the love motel is the perfect way to get your release when fettered by the bounds of cultural conservatism which repudiate the quickie and the dire act of desecrating your parents house.

You can also rent these rooms at a reasonable price for the whole night or a series of nights. In fact, I’ve heard of more than one teacher be housed in one for the days of contracted overlap with the teacher they are to replace. From what I’ve heard they aren’t even too bad a place to stay!

Maybe someday I’ll report first-hand about the quality of the lodgings within their hallowed (or at least much “Christened”) halls when I’ve been aknocking around and told “There’s no room at the inn” but until then I leave you with this picture of the bustling street of motels in my ‘hood.motelstrip


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