Time May Change Me…

I even have photographic evidence to prove my attendance!

Since I’ve come to Korea I’ve realized (I know this isn’t right and my whole heart rails against me when I type ‘zed’, for it is definitely not ‘zee’, instead of ‘s’) that Bowie was correct in assuming that one day we will all have to turn and face the stranger we have become. I have myself undergone some changes here.

No, I haven’t had surgery, even in spite of the great deals available for a double eye-lid surgery or liposuction which are advertised on every subway train. What I have done is gained somewhat of an interest in soccer.

Prime seats indeed!!

“Stop the presses, this can’t be true!” I hear you roar back home, and I understand the shock seeing as the last time I was in proximity to a live football match was roughly half my lifetime ago.

It’s true folks, I have a team to cheer for, albeit after just one game, I am a proud supporter of the Busan Transportation Corporation FC. But I was there, and I cheered (moderately) and jeered (somewhat less moderately) when we bottled it and lost 3-1 to our opponents Ulsan *spits into the dust*.

We were prohibited from any more than moderate cheering due to the recent ferry disaster although when the final whistle came we were somewhat under the influence and thus lost our restraint. But who can blame us! It may be too soon to claim empathy for football hooligans but I’ve definitely gained insight!

The stadium was host to the preliminary rounds of the 1988 Summer Olympics and has a capacity of 25,000 people. Naturally, for our game the stadium was not even one tenth full but still had a respectable turn out for a match in the third division of the Korean soccer league, the result of which did little to change the standings on the board. So, at the end of the game we remained top of the league, however, as I missed our most recent match I cannot comment on how the league standings are at present.

Overall it was a great day out, I even won a prize in the raffle, which is one of my greatest petty passions, and got drunk and make new friends which is another of my favorite (oh the hUmanity of having to omit the ‘u’) pastimes.

Here’s one with players to further substantiate my claims!

I am actually very much looking forward to our next match later next month! By the time I get home I’m just gonna have to be a different man I guess.


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