The Neon Republic

So here we are: a new year, a new blog. Don’t even start with the “But Emmet it’s not even January” because technically every day is the start of a new year, the end point is just slightly different. But enough philosophy, I’m sure there’ll be time for that when we’re dead… Or at least something like that, I digress.

Moving on to where exactly “here” is. I have recently upped sticks and moved my life, or at least what has passed for one since I left college (and then came home from Spain), and took it to Korea. South Korea naturally, I don’t have the right kind of credentials or mettle required for the lands further North.

This isn’t to say I was unhappy in my life at home but I was becoming that bit too comfortable in the rut I was slowly etching there. Therefore, on somewhat of a whim I jumped on board the TEFL-train: destination Busan (or Pusan depending on who you’re speaking to).

These guys must have been told I was coming!

My journey began exactly one month ago, on the day before my 22nd birthday, when I said goodbye to my family and “see you soon” to J at the airport and boarded the first on three flights which eventually bore me to Gimhae airport. Although it could be remarked I was bored all the way to Korea on these aircraft but we won’t trouble ourselves with that now.

When I arrived, I was met by my recruiter who found me the job here in the Neon Republic. She packed me into a taxi and brought me to meet my Director, that’s boss to you and I, at The Love House where I now reside. Hence the name of the blog. I wanted to go with Neon Republic but these guys beat me to the name!

This is the Neon Strip of ‘Motels’ in my neighbourhood

I’m not sure how to describe to you, my faithful readers who have read all my posts thus far, how the blog will go on but I will try to keep you posted on how life is here and maybe even answer those questions you wanted to ask about Korea.

But if you’re anything like me your first one probably was “So where exactly is this place??” which I discovered as my last flight displayed the flight-path on my personal TV screen.

DISCLAIMER: This post is not to be confused with Neon Republic, They are a neon advertising company and I, evidently, am not!

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